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Boston Global: Alleged bombers likely planned more attacks, officials say

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Boston officials said today the Tsarnaev brothers were prepared to launch more violent attacks before their odyssey of terror was disrupted last week — given the large quantity of explosives and ammunition they possessed — but that all evidence thus far indicates they were acting alone and were not part of a broader conspiracy.  [more…]

Background about the Name Tamerlan – Hintergrund zum Namen Tamerlan

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cbs News: Live Stream Boston

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boston Global: Search for marathon bombing suspect locks down Watertown, surrounding communities

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With a million residents of the Boston area hunkering down behind locked doors, heavily armed police are making their way through a 20-block area of this community, searching for one of the suspects in the deadly Boston Marathon terror bomb attacks, the head of the State Police said this afternoon. [more…]

CBS NEWS : Live Boston

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boston Global: Bombing suspects were local, ‘normal’ US immigrants

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Suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing appeared to embody the best of the American immigrant experience, having come from southern Russia, near war-torn Chechnya, more than five years ago, and assimilated into the local Cambridge community and culture. [more…]

FBI: Updates on Investigation Into Multiple Explosions in Boston

19. April 2013 Leave a comment Suspect dead, another at large after police chase

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Police this morning are searching a 20-block area here for one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects after a violent night during which an MIT Police officer lost his life and a Transit Police officer was seriously wounded in a firefight. [more…]

Schießerei bei Bostospiegel online: Ein mutmaßlicher Bombenleger tot – Polizei fahndet nach Flüchtigem

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In Boston überschlagen sich die Ereignisse. Laut Polizei ist einer der beiden mutmaßlichen Bombenattentäter tot. Gleichzeitig läuft ein Großeinsatz in der benachbarten Stadt Watertown: [mehr…]

tagesspiegel: FBI verschiebt Pressekonferenz

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Verwirrung in Boston: Medien berichteten unter Berufung auf Sicherheitskreise, dass im Zusammenhang mit den Bombenanschlägen eine Person festgenommen worden sei. [mehr…]