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chicago magazine: The Truth About Chicago’s Crime Rates

25. February 2015 Leave a comment
The city’s drop in crime has been nothing short of miraculous. Here’s what’s behind the unbelievable numbers. [mehr…]

guardian: The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden ‘black site’

25. February 2015 Leave a comment
Exclusive: Secret interrogation facility reveals aspects of war on terror in US
‘They disappeared us’: protester details 17-hour shackling without basic rights
Accounts describe police brutality, missing 15-year-old and one man’s death [more…]

guardian: Chicago ‘black site’: former US justice officials call for Homan Square inquiry

25. February 2015 Leave a comment
Two former senior Justice Department officials are calling on their colleagues to investigate a secretive warehouse used for interrogations by Chicago police and likened to a CIA “black site” facility. [more…]