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DX News: VP8STI South Sandwich Islands Southern Thule Island

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VP8STI News 25 January 2016

Past night two tents and most of the yagis were destroyed by high winds. Both of their main tents collapsed partially and the team worked very hard through the night to save them.
The Braveheart recorded winds of 70 mph (112 Kph). They are running only on 40 meters due antenna damage.
Once they can assess damage they can determine whether they can proceed to South Georgia or not.
Right now they are doing last QSO as VP8STI due they have asked the Braveheart to extrac them when it´s possible.
They regret that they have fallen short of their plans , however the team and crew safety is most important.

EA5RM – VP8STI/VP8SGI Chief Pilot

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From Navassa to Palmyra – K5P

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Dx Expedition Goland Island EJ7NET

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Excellent start for Gola Island activation
We’ve had an excellent start to the EJ7NET Gola Island activation. At 10pm local time, we already have 550 QSOs in the log, mainly on 40m, 30m and 20m. Conditions on 20 have been strange, with Liam EI7DSB commenting that sometimes the band appears to be shutting down but then comes alive again, and some stations are affected by deep QSB. 30m has been flying, with several contacts into Japan. I had an hour or so on 40cw, and it was hopping. I had to run split because there was a good pile-up. [more…]

DX Expedition: 3G0ZC Juan Fernandez Islands – Robinson Crusoe Island

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VK9XSP Christmas Island – 18.10.2014-31.10.2014

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VK9DLX – DX Expedition Lord Howe Islands

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T30D Expedition – from October 2nd to October 15th 2014 (UTC)

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QTH-Locator RJ61NI
from October 2nd to October 15th 2014 (UTC)
Our plans are to be QRV from 160 to 6 m in CW, SSB and RTTY with four simultaneous stations around the clock.


VK9EC and VK9EX (Chritmas Islands) DX Expedition

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Cocos-Keeling Islands. Christmas Island.
Dates July 29 – August 2 August 2 – August 8
Call Signs VK9EC VK9EX
ITU Zone 54 54
CQ Zone 29 29
IOTA Ref. OC-003 OC-002
Locator NH87JT OH29UO
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VK9MT Mellish Reef 2014 DXpedition

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Expedition: PJ2/DK5ON — Curacao Islands

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