Archive for the ‘Egypt Airlines’ Category Egypt-Air-Passagierflugzeug abgestürzt – "Sie sind einfach verschwunden"

Am frühen Morgen ist eine Passagiermaschine der staatlichen ägyptischen Fluggesellschaft Egypt Air mit 66 Menschen an Bord über dem Mittelmeer von den Radarschirmen verschwunden. [mehr…]

the guardian: EgyptAir flight MS804: ‘We cannot exclude anything,’ says Egypt PM – live updates

Officials in Athens are convinced the EgyptAir plane has crashed, Helena Smith reports.

In an interview with the Guardian, the head of Greece’s air traffic controllers board insisted there was “no chance” MS804 was still in the air. 
“I consider it a fact that the plane has crashed. There is no chance of it still being in the air,” Serafeim Petrou said. “Most probably, and very unfortunately, it is at the bottom of the sea.” [more…]

madamasr: EgyptAir flight disappears from radar 10 miles into Egyptian airspace

EgyptAir flight MS804, en route from Paris to Cairo, disappeared from the radar in the early hours of Thursday morning. [more…]