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mail online: Britain’s oldest DJ spins her records twice a week at the age of 91 but she won’t play anything produced after 1959

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Margaret Leigh-Jones is Britain’s oldest DJ as she spins her records twice a week – at the age of 91. The great-grandmother takes to the airwaves to present her two-hour-long shows on nostalgia station Angel Radio.She still relies largely on vinyl and cassettes as she blasts out hits by big bands and greying crooners, on Wednesdays and Sundays. [more…]

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The opening of the Wall at Berlin Bornholmer Strasse 1989

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New York Times: Uncovering Lost Path of the Most Wanted Nazi

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Published: February 4, 2009 New York Times

CAIRO — Even in old age the imposingly tall, athletic German known to locals as Tarek Hussein Farid maintained the discipline to walk some 15 miles each day through the busy streets of Egypt’s capital. He walked to the world-renowned Al Azhar mosque here, where he converted to Islam, and to the ornate J. Groppi Cafe downtown, where he ordered the chocolate cakes he sent to friends and bought the bonbons he gave to their children, who called him Uncle Tarek. more…

Photos in New York Time

ZDF German TV Documentation

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