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nytimes: In Houston, Anxiety and Frantic Rescues as Floodwaters Rise

28. August 2017 Leave a comment
What felt like an apocalyptic onslaught of pounding rains and rapidly rising floodwaters brought the nation’s fourth-largest city to its knees on Sunday, as highways and residential streets turned to rivers, waist-high waters choked off access to homes and hospitals, and officials begged boat owners to pitch in with an enormous and frantic rescue operation. [mehr…]
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National Hurricane Center

4. October 2016 Leave a comment

ntv: Hurrikan über Atlantik überrascht Experten

15. January 2016 Leave a comment
Im Meer vor Europa bestaunen Meteorologen ein außergewöhnliches Wetterphänomen: Unerwartet früh braut sich dort der erste Atlantik-Hurrikan des Jahres zusammen. Schon jetzt verfügt der riesige Wolkenwirbel über bedrohliche Stärke. [mehr…]

Fly Over South Eastern Texas Coastline after Ike Hurricane

13. September 2008 Leave a comment
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Hurricane GUSTAV – National Hurricane Center

31. August 2008 Leave a comment
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