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bbc: World’s Busiest Railway 2015 1of4 BBC

20. February 2017 Leave a comment
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"Dreams" movie from India

A short film by a member of Contrapunto on street education where children from poor families who can’t afford to study in big schools in the commercial capital of India i.e. Mumbai are forced to seek education on Mumbai’s footpaths come rain or sunshine. This film was a zero budget project done by a simple Sony Cyber Shot camera with no other equipment in hand and shot on the actual locations in Mumbai by one of the staff members of Contrapunto on an experimental basis.

BBC News India: India students caught ‘cheating’ in exams in Bihar

19. March 2015 Leave a comment
Cheating in exams is fairly common in the Indian state of Bihar, but new images have emerged which show just how large-scale and blatant the practice is. [more…]
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the guardia: India’s power cuts speak of a country that is rich but fails to invest in itself

31. July 2012 Leave a comment

India needs long-overdue institutional reform and infrastructure investment if its success story is to continue [more…]

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I paid a Bribe – uncover the market price of corruption – Inder outen sich über Schmiergeldzahlungen

26. August 2011 Leave a comment
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ftd: Indien verzweifelt an der Inflation

Mit Macht stemmt sich der Subkontinent gegen die Teuerung. Dennoch steigen die Preise etwa für Lebensmittel hartnäckig weiter. Jetzt überrumpelt die Zentralbank Investoren mit einem extragroßen Zinsschritt – und nimmt sogar eine kurzfristige Wachstumsdelle in Kauf. [mehr…]

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