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Nachricht an meine Enkelkinder [with Closed Captions] von Alexander Geerst

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Alexander Gerst von der ISS in Verbindung mit dem Kardinal Frings Gymnasium in Bonn via Amateurfunk

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spiegel online: TU Darmstadt trennt sich von syrischem Doktoranden

31. March 2017 Leave a comment
Ein Student der TU Darmstadt hatte in einem Video für den “Islamischen Staat” geworben. Nun entschied die Hochschule: Seinen Doktor darf der Syrer dort keinesfalls zu Ende machen. [mehr…]
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the guardian: Germany train attack could prompt rethink of counter-terrorism policy

19. July 2016 Leave a comment
German security services could be forced to rethink their counter-terrorism strategy after what experts regard as the first “lone wolf” attack by an asylum seeker on German soil. [more…]

HamTV ARISS contact with Norwich Schools UK edited by KG4AKV

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ARISS – Gaston Bertels ON4WF (17 Oct. 2015)

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La Chaine Parlamentaire (LCP) Live

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Max Planck Institute: Countdown to Icarus

11. December 2014 Leave a comment

 The first satellite-based program to investigate animal migration — called ” Icarus” – is supposed to kick off in 2015. With the help of tiny transmitters which send their data to International Space Station, researchers such as Martin Wikelski from the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Radolfzell, Germany, want to understand the patterns of animal movements. [more…]

NASA: New Crew Launches to the ISS

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NASA: New Crew Launches to the ISS