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guardian: Sudan: an unlikely path to jihad for nine British medical students

5. April 2015 Leave a comment
A group of young medics recently travelled to Syria to work in Islamic State-controlled hospitals. Khalid Abdelaziz visited Khartoum to investigate their path to radicalisation [mehr…]
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newyork times: A Norway Town and Its Pipeline to Jihad in Syria

5. April 2015 Leave a comment

FREDRIKSTAD, Norway — The real trouble started when they stopped causing trouble. Torleif Sanchez Hammer and his friends — all residents of the same small cluster of clapboard houses in southern Norway — had been having run-ins with the police for years but then suddenly halted their marijuana-fueled gatherings in the basement apartment of Mr. Hammer’s widowed mother. [mehr…]
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New York Times: Journey to Jihad

15. January 2015 Leave a comment
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