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23. February 2019 Leave a comment

Am Mittwoch treffen Donald Trump und Kim Jong-un in Vietnam aufeinander. Nordkoreas Machthaber ist bereits auf dem Weg. Statt mit dem Flugzeug legt Kim den 4500 Kilometer langen Weg mit einem Zug zurück – der natürlich kein gewöhnlicher ist.  [mehr…]

guardian: North Korea missile test new world threat, says US amid show of force

The US has ramped up pressure on North Korea after Tuesday’s successful intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test, making a show of force off the Korean peninsula and warning that any country harbouring North Korean workers was abetting Kim Jong-un’s regime. [more…] Die letzten Verbündeten von Nordkorea

5. April 2013 Leave a comment

Das stalinistisch geführte Nordkorea hat sich mit seinem Konfrontationskurs international weitgehend isoliert. [mehr…]

the guardian: North Korea increases tensions with South by issuing threat over factories

30. March 2013 Leave a comment

US plays down prospect of war on the peninsula as Pyongyang follows ‘state of war’ declaration with more sabre-rattling [more…]

new york times: From North Korea, an Altered Procession – Manipulation von Bildern

29. December 2011 Leave a comment

In the Kyodo photograph, which appeared in Wednesday’s Pictures of the Day, six men are standing near a camera behind the assembled crowds. In the North Korean photo, the men — as well as the camera and their tracks in the snow — are gone. [more…]