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The Aviation Herald: Accident: Lufthansa A346 enroute on Jan 11th 2016, fumes on board?

14. January 2016 Leave a comment
A Lufthansa Airbus A340-600, registration D-AIHH performing flight LH-731 (scheduled dep Jan 10th, actual dep Jan 11th) from Hong Kong (China) to Munich (Germany), was enroute when fumes were noticed on board, followed by a number of flight attendants reporting feeling unwell with dizziness, head ache, eye and throat irritation. The flight continued to Munich for a safe landing on schedule. After landing the affected crew members went to undergo medical examinations.The occurrence aircraft remained on the ground for about 16 hours, then resumed service. [more…] Read report by a passenger!!!

ntv: Lufthansa greift Billigflieger an

9. November 2011 Leave a comment

Die Lufthansa lockt im großen Stil preisbewusste Berlin-Touristen und investiert dafür rund 60 Mio. Euro. Das Problem dabei: Da das ganze auf Kosten von Piloten und Stewardessen geht, könnten sich die Gewerkschaften querstellen [mehr…]

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