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Regina Murmura Shot Dead After Entering Favela In Rio De Janeiro By Mistake Following Waze Directions

11. October 2015 Leave a comment
Regina Murmura, an elderly woman in Brazil was killed in a drive-by shooting after she and her husband followed Waze directions into a Favela, CNN reports. Murmura and her husband Francisco were using the GPS to meet their daughter for pizza in a nearby beach-side suburb, the couple used the app, thinking it would lead them to an avenue in Niteroi, a large city across the bay from Rio de Janeiro.  [more…]

TV Globo Video Mit dem Navi direkt in den Tod

11. October 2015 Leave a comment
Brasiliens Armenviertel sind für Fremde lebensgefährlich. Regina und Francisco Murmura fuhren aus Versehen mit dem Auto in einen der Slums. Der Trip per Navigations-App endete in einer Katastrophe. [mehr…]