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guardian: Nepal earthquake: British doctor saved 23 lives after Everest avalanche

Rachel Tullet suffered serious injuries to her leg but helped keep climbers and Sherpas alive until help arrived [more…]

New Nepal Earthquake May 12

 New Nepal Earthquake May 12

Amateur radio emergency nets are reported to have been activated on 14205 kHz and 14215 kHz

On 9N1EMERGENCY Colin Wilson posted:
Following the announcement this morning of further earthquakes in Nepal we have activated 14205 kHz and our primary frequency for Emergency traffic to and from Nepal. 14215 has been activated also as a secondary frequency, stations wishing to assist should call net control on 215 not 205 thanks.

9N1EMERGENCY Facebook Group

On the RAYNET-HF site Greg Mossop G0DUB reports:

At 0705UTC this morning Nepal was hit by a new earthquake of magnitude 7.4. The planned response from the American MARS service with 9N1SP is now in place should support be required. However there is still a large international disaster response structure in the country from the earlier event.

More information when I get it.

Greg, G0DUB
IARU Region 1 Emergency Communications Co-Ordinator

Facebook Group:  9N1EMERGENCY
All – International Amateur Radio Emergency Response Network – for Nepal Team. We have now closed our nets until 0200Z by request of 9N1AA, he has requested we QRX until this time and also to be QRV on 14215KHz at this time. Thank you all again for your assistance it was much appreciated and I hope some of you will join us during the night when we re-open the net. Best 73 Colin CT7ACG/G3VCQ

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guardian: Nepal rocked by 7.3-magnitude earthquake near Mount Everest

Second quake strikes country still recovering from disaster that hit two weeks ago in which more than 8,000 people were killed [more…]

Earthquake Information

Earthquake USGS Nepal – Erdbeben Nepal

ars technica: After Nepal earthquake, people turn to ham radio

30. April 2015 Leave a comment
On Saturday, Nepal was shaken by a massive earthquake that registered a 7.8 on the Richter scale, causing widespread destruction in areas of dense population, and preventing aid workers from reaching more isolated villages in the mountainous regions. As of Tuesday, at least 5,000 people were dead and at least 10,000 were injured. Hundreds of thousands of people have been left homeless. [more…]
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southgate: Nepal earthquake update #3

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southgate: Nepal earthquake update #3

The death toll of at least 4,300 people and tens of thousands are homeless following the 7.9 earthquake that hit Nepal on the weekend is still engaged in rescue and recovery.
The quake also triggered avalanches on Mt Everest with many climbers killed or lost.
Jayu VU2JAU the National Coordinator for Disaster Communication in neighbouring India reported that after the first two days the rescue teams are still finding it difficult to trace the missing as well as those who are buried in the ruins.
He said all the officials and police department are working hard among the chaos to help people.
Jayu VU2JAU said: “More than 2500 people are reported to be untraceable.
As one of hotels was demolished where four doctors were staying, only one survived and is located in Red Cross camp injured condition. This is one case but many cases possible like that as the hotel must be holding many people.
“It was also reported that three places had landslides where casualties are expected to be more and the list may increase.”
He reported that people are stranded in many places like at the Airport, Base Camps, Indian Embassy and other places.
Nepal HAMs are facing hard situation. Now another two HAMs along with Satish 9N1AA and Suresh 9N1HA are supported by Pravin 9N1KK and Akarsha 9N1ZZ, along with VU2DMS joined them in operation,” said Jayu VU2JAU.
The Indian Embassy has arranged busses to evacuate people from various places.
Four buses from Mungaling to Birganj, but face two broken bridges on the way and passengers are required to change buses and walk. Another ten buses are running from Pokhara to Mungling since Pokhara reported maximum casualties.
Four HAMs from Gujarat left for Nepal headed by Zala VU2ZNN. They will be reaching Nepal today and set up stations at critical places.
Similarly a four-member team of HAMs are expected to reach tomorrow from North Delhi. Jayu VU2JAU along with Ananda VU2AGJ and Sandip VU2MUE have decided to set up HF and VHF stations at Gorakhpur on the Indo-Nepal border.
Jim Linton VK3PC
Chairman IARU Region 3 Disaster Communications Committee.

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Please keep the following frequencies (+/- 5 khz) clear until further notice: 14.310 – 14.200 through 14.215 – 7.100

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