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bloomberg: New York Times to Start Delivering Meal Kits to Your Home

It’s all the food that’s fit to eat.This summer, the New York Times will begin selling ingredients for recipes from its NYT Cooking website as the newspaper publisher seeks new revenue sources to offset declines in print. The Times is partnering with meal-delivery startup Chef’d, which will send the ingredients to readers within 48 hours. The Times and Chef’d will split sales from the venture. [more…]
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new york times via mirror: Times Web Site Affected by External Hacking Attack

27. August 2013 Leave a comment

The New York Times Web site was unavailable to readers Tuesday afternoon after an online attack on the company’s domain name registrar, Melbourne IT. The attack also forced employees of The Times to stop sending out sensitive e-mails. [more…]

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Mirror Site of New York Times

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spiegel online: Webseite offline: "New York Times" offenbar durch Hacker lahmgelegt

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Zum zweiten Mal in diesem Monat war die Webseite der “New York Times” nicht erreichbar: Offenbar wurde die wichtigste US-Zeitung Opfer eines Hacker-Angriffs. Zu den Verdächtigen zählt auch die Pro-Assad-Gruppe “Syrian Electronic Army”. [mehr…]

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new york times: As Europe’s Currency Union Frays, Conspiracy Theories Fly

Imagine for a moment that two decades ago, a newly unified Germany set out to take over the European Continent, as the previous unified Germany had tried and failed to do half a century earlier. [more…]

New York Times: TIME CAST

19. August 2011 Leave a comment

Supporters Greet Indian Activist
An anticorruption activist in India is released from jail; Syrian forces fire on protesters; and China’s press plays down a brawl between U.S. and Chinese basketball teams.

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