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nytimes: Guam: A Tiny Territory Caught in a Global War of Words

10. August 2017 Leave a comment
It is a small slice of America. It just happens to be in the middle of the Pacific. And within striking range of North Korean missiles.That’s why the island of Guam was thrust into the spotlight Wednesday after North Korea threatened a strike that would create “an enveloping fire” around it and said an attack would come this month. [more…]
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the guardian: North Korea nuclear test: ‘warhead explosion’ confirmed by Pyongyang – live

9. September 2016 Leave a comment
A 5.3 magnitude earthquake recorded near a North Korea military site on Friday was its fifth nuclear test, regime confirms. Follow all the developments and reaction live [more…]

spiegel: Uno-Anhörung: Häftlinge berichten vom Leid in Nordkoreas Gulags

20. August 2013 Leave a comment

Die Überlebenden schildern Folter, Hungersnot und unbeschreibliche Misshandlungen: Zum ersten Mal hat ein Uno-Gremium öffentlich ehemalige nordkoreanische Häftlinge befragt. Auch der bekannte Flüchtling Shin Dong-hyuk trat vor das Gremium – und berichtete aus dem Lager 14. [mehr…]

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