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Kurier: Ägypten – ElBaradei will Mubarak stürzen

19. January 2011 Leave a comment

Nach dem Umsturz in Tunesien dürfte nun auch der Sessel des autoritär regierenden ägyptischen Langzeit-Präsidenten Hosni Mubarak (82) gehörig wackeln. “Es ist unausweichlich. Der Wandel muss kommen”, sagt einer seiner potenziellen Herausforderer, der ehemalige Generaldirektor der Internationalen Atomenergieorganisation (IAEO/IAEA), Mohamed ElBaradei. Er plant das ägyptische Regime mit einem Boykott der Präsidentenwahl im September und friedlichen Demonstrationen in die Knie zwingen. [mehr…]

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AlJaazera TV: Julian Assange: Why the world needs WikiLeaks – AlJaazerea TV Interview mit Julian Assange, Gründer von Wikileaks –

1. December 2010 Leave a comment

, USThe controversial website WikiLeaks collects and posts highly classified documents and videos. Founder Julian Assange, who is reportedly being sought for questioning by US authorities, talks to TED’s Chris Anderson about how the site operates, what it has accomplished and what drives him. Interview made in July 2010.

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The Glenn Beck Interview: Sarah Palin macht Nordkorea zum Verbündeten der USA – Sarah Palin made North Korea to an allie of USA- Listen!

25. November 2010 Leave a comment

During a radio interview with Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin made North Korea to an allie of USA.
Während eines Radio Interviews macht Sarah Palin Nordkorea zum Verbündeten der USA. Der Co-Moderator korregiert mit “Südkorea”.

Spiegel Online: Sarah Palin verbündet sich versehentlich mit Nordkorea

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New York Times: Banker’s Book Triggers Race Debate in Germany

3. September 2010 Leave a comment

When a German banker and former government official spoke publicly about a unique “Jewish gene,” when he attacked Islam as a source of violence and stunted development and when he espoused genetic theories that evoked the fright of the Nazi past, the political leadership quickly condemned him as racist and called for him to be fired, Michael Slackman reports in The New York Times.
But the banker, Thilo Sarrazin, an executive with the Bundesbank and a former Berlin finance minister, has not emerged as the marginalized hate-monger that the initial condemnation suggested. His book, “Germany Does Away With Itself,” which laments the growing number of Muslim immigrants, contending that they are “dumbing down” society, was released Monday and is already in its fourth printing, with sales expected to exceed 150,000 copies, according to his publisher. [more…]

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The Independent:Carla Bruni-Sarkozy ‘a prostitute’, claims Iranian media

31. August 2010 Leave a comment

[AP]Iranian state media called France’s first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy a “prostitute” on Monday in an unusual attack on the wife of a world leader that shows deep anger over her support for an Iranian woman who faced death by stoning for adultery. [more…]
Spiegel Online: Streit um Steinigungsstrafe
Frankreich empört über Irans Bruni-Beleidigung

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