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orf: Mysteriöser Tod eines Snowboarders als Krimi

6. February 2013 Leave a comment

Der Tod eines kanadischen Eishockeyprofis am Stubaier Gletscher vor 24 Jahren ist jetzt Stoff für ein Buch: Ein Journalist glaubt nicht an einen einfachen Spaltensturz, sondern an einen vertuschten Unfall mit einer Pistenwalze. [mehr…]

John Leake: Cold a Long Time: An Alpine Mystery -Something is rotten in Innsbruck

28. June 2012 Leave a comment

As President of the Austrian Society of Forensic Medicine, Dr. Walter Rabl is considered the foremost forensic doctor in Austria. In recent years, he has been commissioned to serve as the final scientific arbiter in complex and controversial cases, including those of Denisa Soltisova and Joerg Haider. When someone dies in Austria under suspicious circumstances and the cause and manner of his death become a matter of debate, Dr. Rabl may very well have the last word. [more…]

John Leake: Cold a long Time: An Alpine Mystery

CBC Radio: New book warms up cold case

22. March 2012 Leave a comment

Author John Leake says his new book sheds light on what happened to Duncan MacPherson, the Saskatoon man who died on mountains in Austria. Leake suspects the death was covered up by authorities. [mehr…]

The Star Phönix: Book Facts stranger than fiction

22. March 2012 Leave a comment

Since writing his shocking book about the death of hockey player Duncan Macpherson and an alleged coverup, John Leake has met with icy silence from authorities in Austria.
“Graveyard silence,” says Leake, author of Cold a Long Time: An Alpine Mystery.
Macpherson, a Saskatoon native who played with his hometown Blades and was a first-round draft pick of the New York Islanders, disappeared in August 1989 while travelling in Europe. [more…]

Cold a Long Time: An Alpine Mystery – What happened to Duncan MacPherson?

23. February 2012 Leave a comment

Who was Duncan MacPherson? When his mother Lynda contacted me in the summer of 2009 and asked me to write a book about her son, the first thing I did was read his Wikipedia entry, which gives an accurate snapshot of his resume as a sportsman: [more…]

John Leake: Cold A Long Time: An Alpine Mystery

25. November 2011 Leave a comment

COLD A LONG TIME by John Leake
In August of 1989, twenty-three-year-old Duncan MacPherson—a pro hockey player from Canada—vanished without a trace in Central Europe. To his parents, Lynda and Bob, nothing about his disappearance made sense. With no help from the police, they drove all over the Alps looking him, and then finally found his car parked near the gondola station of the Stubai Glacier, a popular ski resort in Austria. Thus began their twenty-two year struggle to find out why Duncan had disappeared—a true story as strange and full of unexpected twists as a season of The Twilight Zone.

In 2009 they asked author John Leake to help them in their ongoing search for answers. Now, after a two-year investigation, Leake has finally discovered what happened to Duncan MacPherson, and why his death was covered up by the Stubai Glacier and high ranking officials in Innsbruck, Austria.

Cold a Long Time: An Alpine Mystery recounts the tragic odyssey of the MacPherson family. It is a story about enduring love, perseverance, and the irrepressible desire to know the truth, literally at all cost. It is also the story of an incredibly elaborate and twisted deception. Leake’s findings are the subject of the television documentary A Cold Case, produced by the fifth estate—Canada’s premier investigative journalism program, which will air on November 25, 2011.
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