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ntv: Bürger gaben entscheidende Hinweise – Flüchtling in Köln plante Anschlag

21. September 2016 Leave a comment
In Köln wird ein 16-Jähriger aus Syrien festgenommen. Wenig später steht für die Ermittler fest: Der junge Mann plante ein Sprengstoffanschlag. Per Chat hatte er Kontakt zum IS und bekam konkrete Anweisungen eine Bombe zu bauen. [mehr…]
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the guardian: ‘Here it is a big dream’: Syrians taken in by Vatican begin new life in Rome

18. April 2016 Leave a comment
Trastevere becomes temporary home for 12 Syrian asylum seekers after Pope Francis offers sanctuary after Lesbos visit [more…]

the guardian: Resettling Syrians, aid and visa changes on table at EU-Turkey migration summit

7. March 2016 Leave a comment
Draft of summit conclusions says EU ready to double aid to €6bn, as leaders discuss plan to resettle one Syrian refugee in Europe for every Syrian returned to Turkey from Greek islands [more…]

new York Times: In Syrian Town Cut Off From the World, Glimpses of Deprivation

14. January 2016 Leave a comment
BEIRUT, Lebanon — Nisrine kept teaching school for months as the siege tightened around the Syrian town of Madaya, but had to give up a few weeks ago when her students got too weak from starvation to walk to class. A local medic has been surviving on the rehydration salts he gives patients, while a business school graduate makes soup from grass for his 70-year-old father, consulting shepherds about which ones their long-since-slaughtered flocks liked best. [more…]
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18. December 2015 Leave a comment
In der Flüchtlingskrise spüren Polizisten soziale Spannungen so schnell wie kaum jemand sonst. Zwei Ordnungshüter über Macht und Ohnmacht. [mehr…]

the times: EU buckles as Merkel’s migrants hit 1 million

10. December 2015 Leave a comment
The influx of refugees entering Germany this year has passed the one million mark, heaping pressure on European leaders as they struggle to cope with the migrant crisis.[more…]

the guardian: A perilous journey: Khalid’s flight to Europe from Syria – an illustrated account

11. November 2015 Leave a comment
This is the story of a Syrian who fled war and escaped to Europe. The piece is the first of a three-part series that depict torture, incarceration and other hardships endured by three men while in Syria and on their journeys to Europe. The second and third will appear tomorrow and Friday [more…]
Categories: Syria Tags: , Germany to push for compulsory EU quotas to tackle refugee crisis

24. October 2015 Leave a comment
Merkel is said to want hundreds of thousands of refugees brought directly from Middle East to control numbers and avoid perilous journeys [more…]

niemann lab: This portable FM transmitter brings information to people in crisis

21. October 2015 Leave a comment
Half the population of Syria has been displaced. Hundreds of thousands have died in the conflict and millions are fleeing. For those who remain in the country, critical infrastructure is unstable and might be under the control of warring factions at a given moment. The Internet is constantly interrupted. Cell phone coverage can be spotty. [more…]

telepolis: Die Mehrklassengesellschaft des Flüchtlingslebens

21. August 2015 Leave a comment
Eindrücke von der Insel Kos – Schleuser, Helfer und Abzocker [mehr…]