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National Post: Police charge 16-year-old boy after German tourist shot in head on Alberta highway

28. August 2018 Leave a comment

RCMP say the youth, who is from Stoney Nakoda First Nation but can’t be named, is facing 14 criminal charges, including attempted murder [more…]

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the guardian: ‘We shouldn’t have to feel like this’: Girl, nine, gives tearful speech in Charlotte

28. September 2016 Leave a comment

A nine-year-old Charlotte girl’s tearful speech about how African Americans are “treated differently than other people” has gone viral as protests about police brutality continue to ignite the North Carolina city.
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the guardian: Russian planes dropped bombs that destroyed UN aid convoy, US officials say

21. September 2016 Leave a comment
If confirmed, the claim of direct Russian involvement in the bombing that killed at least 20 people in Syria would have far-reaching consequences [more…]
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Buzz Feed News: This Photo Of A Black Lives Matter Protester Is Being Hailed As Iconic

11. July 2016 Leave a comment

 It’s being hailed as an iconic picture that captures the spirit of the Black Lives Matter movement, but the photographer who took it almost missed the shot altogether. [more…]

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the guardian: Barack Obama touches down in Cuba for historic visit – video

21. March 2016 Leave a comment
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focus online: Bis zu 20 Opfer bei Massenschießerei in Kalifornien

2. December 2015 Leave a comment
In der kalifornischen Stadt San Bernardino soll es nach einem Bericht des US-Fernsehsenders CNN zu einer Massenschießerei gekommen sein. Dem Bericht zufolge soll es am Mittwoch bis zu 20 Opfer gegeben haben. [mehr…]

the guardian: San Bernardino shooting: reports of as many as 20 wounded – live coverage

2. December 2015 Leave a comment
Police respond to active shooter situation in southern California involving ‘one to three possible suspects’ as fire department tweets report of as many as 20 victims [more…]