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Who is Nikolas de Jesus Cruz aka Nick Cruz? (Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School)

15. February 2018 Leave a comment
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The FBI came to visit me today about Nikolas Cruz

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Nikolas Cruz made a comment in one of my videos a few months ago about wanting to be a school shooter. Today’s unfortunate events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida may have been what he was planning. Here’s the story.

nytimes: Florida Shooting: Trump Laments ‘Terrible Violence’ but Avoids Mention of Gun Control

15. February 2018 Leave a comment

President Trump said on Thursday that he would make school safety a top priority when he meets with the nation’s governors later this month, following one of the deadliest school shootings in modern American history.In the address to the nation, he also said he planned to visit the grieving South Florida community where a gunman killed 17 students and adults at a local high school. But he pointedly avoided any mention of gun control. [more…]

guardian: Government shutdown: first closure in four years looms hours before deadline

20. January 2018 Leave a comment

As the minutes ticked towards midnight, dueling parties in Congress showed no signs of breaking impasse over spending and Daca [mehr…]

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guardian: Texas shooting: at least 26 killed at Baptist church in Sutherland Springs

6. November 2017 Leave a comment

Gunman dead after worst mass shooting in modern Texas history devastates tiny, close knit-community of a few hundred residents [more…]

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faz: Im Amri-Ausschuss mit Attest, beim Marathon im Einsatz

26. September 2017 Leave a comment

Wurde Pjöngjang von Washingtons Machtdemonstration am Wochenende überrascht? Zusätzliche Gegenmaßnahmen deuten darauf hin. Russland sucht hinter den Kulissen nach Kontakt. [mehr…]

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ntv: Türkischer Präsident in den USAErdogans Anhänger schlagen wieder zu

22. September 2017 Leave a comment

Während Recep Tayyip Erdogans jüngstem US-Besuch kommt es wieder zu Gewalt. 
Friedliche Demonstranten müssen Schläge ins Gesicht einstecken. Unklar ist, wie sehr die Sicherheitsleutedes türkischen Präsidenten mitgemischt haben. [more…]

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ntv: "Grundsatz der Ausgewogenheit"Moskau muss Konsulat in USA schließen

31. August 2017 Leave a comment
Die US-Regierung verfügt die Schließung des russischen Konsulats in San Francisco. Zwei weitere Außenstellen Moskaus in den Vereinigten Staaten müssten bis spätestens Samstag geschlossen werden. Die Entscheidung wird mit “Ausgewogenheit” begründet. [mehr…]
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nytimes: In Houston, Anxiety and Frantic Rescues as Floodwaters Rise

28. August 2017 Leave a comment
What felt like an apocalyptic onslaught of pounding rains and rapidly rising floodwaters brought the nation’s fourth-largest city to its knees on Sunday, as highways and residential streets turned to rivers, waist-high waters choked off access to homes and hospitals, and officials begged boat owners to pitch in with an enormous and frantic rescue operation. [mehr…]
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nytimes: Trump Says Military Is ‘Locked and Loaded’ and North Korea Will ‘Regret’ Threats

11. August 2017 Leave a comment
President Trump issued yet more provocative warnings of military action against North Korea on Friday as he continued to suggest that he was ready to strike the small, isolated Asian country that has been developing nuclear weapons capable of reaching the United States. [more…]
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