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Die Aschewolke des neuen Vulkanausbruches in Island könnte sich im Laufe der kommenden Tage weit nach Süden ausdehnen. [mehr…]

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Sky News: Volcano Ash Cloud: More Air Travel Misery – Vulkan Aschen-Wolke über Irland –

Jo Couzens, Sky News Online
Air passengers are facing further misery as the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud returned, causing Scotland and Ireland to restrict flights. more…

National Public Radio: Interview mit Eric Moody, Chefpilot einer B 747, die am 24.Juni 1982 auf dem Flug B 009 von Kuala Lumpur nach Perth, nahe der Küste Indonesiens in eine Vulkan-Aschewolke kam

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Transcript bei NPR :

As the volcano in Iceland continues to spew ash, flights are grounded across large areas of Europe. And if you wonder why such caution is needed, you can ask retired British Airways Captain Eric Moody. In 1982, Captain Moody was flying near Jakarta, Indonesia when volcanic ash caused all four engines on his Boeing 747 to fail. But Captain Moody landed his airplane. He joins us now from Camberley, England.
Captain Moody, thanks for being with us.
Mr. ERIC MOODY (Retired British Airways Pilot): It’s a pleasure.
SIMON: So your plane’s going down. Oxygen bags are deployed. What do you do?
Mr. MOODY: Gosh, we’d been trying  more…

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