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VP8SGI Expedition – VP8STI DX Expedition,

1. February 2016 Leave a comment

The South Sandwich Islands are a cold and inhospitable place. At 59 degrees south, Southern Thule Island is one of the most remote places on Earth.

Southern Thule is closer to the polar circle and the South Pole than either Bouvet Island or Heard Island. To get there, we will voyage the Drake Passage and brave strong winds and high seas.

The Intrepid-DX Group is proud to announce a major ham radio expedition to two rare entities in January-February 2016. South Sandwich Island and South Georgia Island are two of the most remote places on Earth. This DXpedition is made possible by the generous financial support of the global DX Community. [more…]

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DX News: VP8STI South Sandwich Islands Southern Thule Island

25. January 2016 Leave a comment
VP8STI News 25 January 2016

Past night two tents and most of the yagis were destroyed by high winds. Both of their main tents collapsed partially and the team worked very hard through the night to save them.
The Braveheart recorded winds of 70 mph (112 Kph). They are running only on 40 meters due antenna damage.
Once they can assess damage they can determine whether they can proceed to South Georgia or not.
Right now they are doing last QSO as VP8STI due they have asked the Braveheart to extrac them when it´s possible.
They regret that they have fallen short of their plans , however the team and crew safety is most important.

EA5RM – VP8STI/VP8SGI Chief Pilot

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