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Xinjiang Police Files

Unprecedented evidence from internal police networks in China’s Xinjiang region proves prison-like nature of re-education camps, shows top Chinese leaders’ direct involvement in the mass internment campaign. more…

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ICIJ: The faces of China’s detention camps in Xinjiang


A new leak of Chinese government records reveals thousands of never-before seen mug shots of Uyghurs and other photos from inside the notorious internment camps, as well as new
details of the national mass detention program more… 

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ZDF: Das überwachte Volk – Chinas Sozialkredit-System


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29. March 2022 Leave a comment

Die Null-Covid-Strategie Chinas zwingt Shanghai erneut in einen Lockdown. Aufgrund steigender Corona-Zahlen gelten ab Montag für Millionen Menschen wieder strenge Regeln – obwohl die Behörden einen solchen Schritt noch am Samstag ausgeschlossen hatten. mehr…

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epochtimes: 2nd Black Box Recovered in China Eastern Plane Crash

29. March 2022 Leave a comment

The second black box, the flight data recorder, has been recovered from the wreckage of China Eastern Flight MU5735, which crashed in southern China, killing 132 people. more…

Epoch Times: China Locks Down City of 4.5 Million Due to Worsening COVID-19 Outbreak

24. March 2022 Leave a comment

After the Chinese regime locked down a provincial capital of 4.5 million due to the worsening COVID-19 outbreak, locals have questioned whether such measures can be effective in containing the virus and have blamed health workers’ for causing cross-infection. more…

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Boeing 737 der China Eastern Airlines abgestürzt! Mit 132 Personen an Bord – 東航波音737墜毀!機上132人 陸網瘋傳飛機殘骸山中燃燒

21. March 2022 Leave a comment
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21. March 2022 Leave a comment

PEKING – Eine Boeing 737-800 von China Eastern Airlines ist in China abgestürzt. Das Unglück spielte sich in der Nähe von Wuzhou in der südlichen Region Guangxi ab. Niemand der 132 Menschen an Bord hat den steilen Absturz aus dem Reiseflug überlebt. Ermittler werten Videoaufnahmen aus. mehr…

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epochtimes: Industry Behind Child Trafficking in China Involves Organ Harvesting: Activist

11. February 2022 Leave a comment

Recently, footage of a mentally-ill mother of eight who was chained up in a village hut sparked outrage on Chinese social media.The controversy has sparked intense discussion about bride trafficking in the country, where men outnumber women due as a result of the decades-long “one-child” policy instituted by the Chinese Communist Party.The incident serves to underscore wider problems relating to human trafficking in China, an industry that involves the abduction of children and organ harvesting, according to Chinese human rights activists. more…

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epochtimes: China Pursues ‘Brain Control’ Weaponry in Bid to Command Future of Warfare

4. January 2022 Leave a comment

Launching assaults on the battlefield with a mere thought. Enhancing the human brain to create “super warriors.” Disrupting the minds of enemies to make them submit to the controller’s command.

Once believed to only exist in science-fiction movies, the weaponization of the brain has been discussed by Chinese military officials for years. And Beijing is spending billions each year on neuroscience that could draw these scenarios ever closer to reality. more…

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